Analytics: The weapon in the war for market growth

Designing and deploying solutions that help you turn data into an asset

Reliable, meaningful data is a powerful source of competitive edge. Pierian builds scalable solutions and integrates them with cloud infrastructure to marshal data and turn it into a value-producing asset. Our offerings include:

  1. Enterprise data management systems design and set-up
  2. Data modeling and build of data marts
  3. Master data management
  4. Data quality assurance and governance

Employ intelligence to let your business soar

Leveraging analytics to facilitate efficient leadership decisions

Every process, every system of your enterprise speaks a story. We weave them together, offering intuitive interfaces and holistic visualizations to unravel insights hidden in both structured and unstructured data.
  1. Our insights enable you to make critical decisions that support talent retention, sharpen productivity, improve sales, and drive compliance.
  2. ntegrated planning, forecasting, and reporting models, highlight information necessary for C-suite leaders to find opportunities for growth.

Your business can be omnipresent

Social listening to reach beyond your enterprise

Today’s changing market environment makes it necessary for businesses to go digital, and also go social. Our social listening solutions bridge the gap between your enterprise and its customers, letting you spot the stories they share. We pull critical feedback and reviews from social media, blogs, and websites. We deliver it to you, with a roadmap to better business possibilities.


“I’m pleased to confirm that our partnership has led to another successful project which deals with online marketing and social media data across digital channels to monitor, track, analyse and predict results required to enable and achieve marketing goals of our end-client.”

Mr. Raj Shankar,

AVP Systems & Technology, Genisys Group


  1. Business discovery and BI road map
  2. Tool selection, software license and sizing
  3. Data modelling
  4. Report rationalization services


  1. Data integration
  2. Data migration
  3. Data quality and governance
  4. Master data management
  5. Building of data marts/ enterprise DW


  1. Analytical reporting
  2. Visualization solutions
  3. Customer and marketing analytics
  4. Operational analytics
  5. Risk analytics
  6. Corporate performance management
  7. Forecasting and predictive modelling
  8. Web intelligence and social media monitoring

Partner with us;improve performance and maintain competitive edge

We align IT and processes with business goals, giving your enterprise the agility to respond to market disruptions. See how we make it happen. Read …

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We align IT and processes with business goals, giving your enterprise the agility to respond to market disruptions. See how we make it happen. Read …

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