Shared Services
The premise behind setting up a shared service is to deliver a uniform and consistent service across the organization, in a multi location and centralized/federated business support environment. We help clients to set-up shared services for Finance and Accounting, HR and other Business Support Services using a blend of BPR, Organisation Design, Technology Assessment and Enterprise Internal Controls.
We believe an effective Shared Service Solution at the very least should deliver:
  • Standardized and improved quality of service
  • Substantial cost reduction
  • Intelligent resource management - especially people, process and technology
  • Improved Corporate Governance..
We follow a 4-step approach for Shared Services:
1. Business Study
  • High level business study / organization structure
  • Analyse current operating model and evaluate options for shared services.
2. Concept Design
  • Develop target operating model to meet the organisational objectives
  • AS IS process study and analyze process risks
  • Technology Assessment
  • Identify Process and technology optimization areas
  • Design Internal Controls
  • Time and Resource calibration
3. Define Target Operational Model
  • Define Organization Structure (Positions, Roles , Responsibilities)
  • TO Be process design ( including Controls, Process Improvements, technology enablement)
  • Define Key Performance Indicators, Segregation of Duty
  • Implement Process Testing Templates
4. Implementation
  • Enable Resources (interviews, placements, training and implementation support)
  • Enable technology (ERP, applications, workflow tools for true multi-org capability on a single instance)
  • Project Planning for GO LIVE, Project Risk Management & Business Recovery Policy and Plan
  • Post Implementation support.
Be it any part of business (Finance, Accounting, HR, Warehousing, Supply chain, Delivery, etc.,) Pierian professionals will "Consolidate, Streamline & Transform" to deliver standardized, valuable and sustainable solution.
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Business performance improvement for Finance and Accounting
Delivered through a Centre of Excellence and lean processes

Shared Services Strategy?
Risk managed implementation? Formulated and delivered; End-2-End
Consistent delivery across multiple locations and sites
Pierian's perspective on Shared services is a result of it's vast F&A experience. The proprietory 4 phased approach is designed to deliver better control over quality, cost, resources and corporate governance.
"We have enjoyed working with Pierian. They listened and provided us with great advice before deciding on outsouring. We have user their service for our accounting, tax and payroll needs since our inception in India. Their people are skilled in a number of areas and are very hands on. Our Finance and accounting function operates very efficiently with help from Pierian."
Mr. Bill Paape,
CFO, Lifesize Inc.
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